5 Must Do Moves For Women’s Health

Must-do’s for Women’s Health

Genetically Blessed
Some women are genetically blessed to look great and stay thin without worrying much about their eating habits. Others have to put in lots of efforts to stay in shape. Whether you are fall in the first category of being lucky or the second one, you need to exercise regularly to achieve optimal health and to stay away from diseases.

Health Issues
Those women who do not have any health issues must include weekly physical activities like flexibility exercises, cardio workouts, strength training, meditation, etc. The diet should also be healthful; proper focus should be on good nutrition, regular meals, and adequate quantity of water. A healthy diet plan and regular fitness regime are a sure-shot way to look and feel best at any age.

Healthcare Professional
If you have not been active for few months, you must consult a healthcare professional before starting any exercise program. Once you get the ‘go ahead’ from a fitness expert, you can begin your exercise routine and increase the intensity gradually.

Flexibility and Stretching Exercises
If you want a flexible, lumber body, you must include flexibility and stretching exercises and perform them daily. Stretching before and after workouts reduces injury and improves posture. Many women leave out the stretching exercises; however, these should be practiced without any doubt and must be viewed as important. Yoga and Pilates are other essentials that can prove to be extremely beneficial for women. Many health problems can be avoided with yoga, if done in the correct manner. You can also include some strength exercises, twice a week, to improve muscle growth. Cardio and aerobic workouts should be done at least 30 minutes most days of the week to improve overall health and to make the metabolism work effectively.

Unhealthy Eating
One of the most common problems that women face is obesity, which is largely due to unhealthy eating. Stay away from foods that are high in calories, fat, and cholesterol. Instead, include foods in your diet that are rich in lean protein, vitamins, minerals, complex carbohydrates (fruits, whole grains, vegetables, etc.) and considerable amount of good fats (olive oil, nuts, etc). Calcium is a must in women’s diet that can be had from cheese, milk, yogurt, etc. are excellent sources of calcium that must be consumed every day. Calcium reduces PMS symptoms and promotes healthy pregnancies. In later stages, calcium also helps in preventing osteoporosis. The U.S. Department of Agriculture provides a food pyramid that is a wonderful guideline for planning the essential nutrients in daily meals. Refrain from eating on the run. Prepare healthy snacks and carry them along to work in lieu of gorging on fast food.

An active lifestyle coupled with a healthful diet ensures a healthy, happy, stress-free, and longer life. How active is your lifestyle?


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