Are You Losing Weight Due to Anxiety?

How Anxiety May Cause Weight Loss

If you are living with anxiety, you need to be extra careful about your overall health. Many people with anxiety do not exercise and become inactive and vice versa, i.e. people who do not exercise are more prone to develop anxiety and have to struggle with weight management. However, what many people don’t realize is that anxiety can also lead to weight loss. If this is the case with you, it is something that you should not be happy with. Weight loss with anxiety always deserves a doctor’s visit. Some very serious health problems like thyroid, cancer, diabetes, HIV, etc. are all potential causes of losing weight, of which anxiety is also a common cause.

If you feel you are suffering from an anxiety disorder, take the below anxiety test to find if you really are:

Reason of Weight Loss

Weight loss should be done safely. If you are shedding off extra flab without exercising or dieting, you are most likely to be putting your body through stress. Your weight loss regime should be safe. You should be aware of the reasons that caused loss of weight.

Improper Diet

Anxiety causes disinterest in eating. So, if you have started to lose your appetite and are genuinely not feeling hungry, your weight loss needs attention. Starving yourself can eat away your muscles, slow your metabolism and you will gain faster when you start eating properly. If you are eating too less, meditate to burn your stress and start eating again.

Changes in Lifestyle

Although very rare, but if you change your lifestyle because of anxiety like going out less, eating and drinking less, etc. you may be experiencing weight loss. Some people get panic attacks and as a result consume fewer calories. If this is the case with you, you must consult an experienced doctor.

Nervous Movement

If you develop nervous ticks and leg shakes, you may burn calories. While some people stop all activity, others move more unintentionally. Both these can cause weight loss. Anxiety can make you worry unnecessarily and bring many other problems that you otherwise would never have experienced.

Get your anxiety treated permanently and lead a healthy, happy life!


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