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Here are more reasons for you to hit the weight training room:


4. Improve your diet

When you exercise, your brain sticks to a regular diet plan. Those who do not devote a three-hours-a-week training regimen are more likely to binge on snacks and unhealthy foods and end up consuming more than 1,500 calories in a day.



5. Sweating in a weight room helps to distress

If you want to stay cool under pressure, you must break a sweat in the weight room. According to various researches, fit and healthy people exhibit lower levels of stress hormones compared with those who were less healthy. Also, those who have more muscles return from a stressful situation to a normal situation faster than those who are less muscular.



6. Stay happy 

People who perform at least three workouts in a week for six months are more likely to stay happy and score better on their anger and overall mood. Besides yoga, weight-lifting is also an excellent exercise that induces Zen.



7. Stronger bones

As you grow older, your bone mass decreases and the chances of having a fracture increase. To overcome this, weight-lifting is an excellent solution that can rev up your bone growth by nearly 20 percent.



8. Healthy Heart

Besides so many other health benefits, a three day/week weight lifting workout is a sure-shot way to decrease diastolic blood pressure by an average of eight points, thereby lowering the risk of a stroke by 40 percent and that of a heart attack by 15 percent. 



9. Get into shape faster

If you want to save your time without sacrificing the results, go for circuit training with weights. This will help you to boost your heart rate 15 beats per minute and strengthen your muscles. 



10. Become more productive

Needless to say, with so many benefits as mentioned above, weight-lifting is surely going to increase your productivity level. On the days you work out, you will notice that your productivity will be almost 15 percent more than those days when you don’t exercise. You will even be smarter and have a longer attention span if you indulge in regular sweat sessions.



11. Live longer

You can literally postpone your death from cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and other life-threatening diseases by weight training. 



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You may not vie for those 20-inch biceps or those extra strong thighs like the Gyming professionals; this, however, is no good reason to avoid hitting the weight room. Weight lifting can give you an edge over many of your major problem areas like belly fat, stress, heart disease, and even cancer. Lifting weights is also the most effective way to look sexy in a bikini. Yet many women still hesitate to weight train. 



Here we give you enough reasons to start weight lifting. 


1. Shed off almost 40% fat, faster

Indulging in only Cardio and no weight lifting will help you lose fat of course, but if you combine both, you will lose more fat. Moreover, weight training helps you to lose pure fat while in other workout you lose fat and muscle both. As per researchers, dieters who don’t lift weight, shed off almost 75% weight from fat and 25% from muscle. Losing muscle lowers your body weight, but it doesn’t make your reflection in the mirror look good and you would gain fat easier that you lost. With weight lifting, you can protect your muscle and burn more fat. 


2. Look better in your clothes

When you are between 30 and 50, you are most likely to lose 10% of your muscles. Worse yet, the percentage of the muscle that you lose will be replaced by fat over time, thereby increasing your waist size. Avowedly, one pound of fat takes up 18% more space than one pound of muscle. So, the best way to avoid this is to start lifting weights.


3. Burn more calories

Weight training helps to burn more calories while you are sitting on a couch. After each strength workout, your muscles require energy to repair fibers. You will burn greater amount of calories from fat if you compare yourself with ones who don’t lift. You would burn almost the same amount of fat while running at a 10-mile per-hour pace as doing a circuit of 8 moves that would take merely 8 minutes.


Keep hooked on to this space for more reasons to weight lift in the next article!

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When you start aging and reach your middle age, you are most likely to notice that you won’t always have the same energy to work as you used to have when you were younger. You may get tired easily, find it harder to stand up after sitting on the floor for some time or may even start experiencing occasional aches in joints. However, all this doesn’t mean at all that you should also start aging biologically with your chronological age. 


According to many researches, it has been proved that indulging in moderate to strenuous cardiovascular exercises can delay biological aging by almost 12 years or even more, depending on your overall health and fitness level. This means that when you reach 50, you can feel like you are in your 30’s. Now, isn’t that a great reason for exercising. If you are still not convinced, read on further to know some real facts.


Researchers have also proven that relatively high-intensity workouts performed regularly boost up aerobic power by 25 percent that equals 10 to 12 biological years. The good news is that if you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle all your previous years, you can still start an aerobic exercise program and reverse the biological effects of aging that have already taken place. 


Hit Metropolis Fitness Club at the earliest to reap double benefits for your efforts. Fitness / Personal trainers Miami at Metropolis are highly experienced to take care of your individual needs and make you look your best. 



The take away is that you need to challenge your heart and lungs to increase your aerobic capacity. Just like lifting heavier weights makes you stronger, pushing yourself during a Cardio workout improves your lung capacity. If you hate pushing yourself and this is a major reason of ditching exercise altogether, you can take a sigh of relief because you do not need to push yourself hard throughout the hour long Cardio session – after doing activities in which you push yourself hard, you are allowed to enjoy a period of rest. 


Metropolis fitness trainers practice, interval training and a variety of group fitness sessions that incorporate this hard-easy-hard sequence, thus making your aerobic capacity higher.



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How often do you take your kids for eating out? In a startling study, almost 90% of thousands of children’s meals at some of the biggest restaurant chains do not comply with the standards set by the National Restaurant Assn.’s for healthy kids’ meals. However, the study has some good news to share. In almost half the chains, at least one healthier meal is served. Also, about three-quarters of the restaurants served fruits and vegetables. 



Some of the most popular meals among children like a grilled cheese sandwich with fries, chocolate milk, pepperoni pizza, fries and soda, chicken nuggets, burgers, macaroni and cheese, etc. contain far too many calories and saturated fat that are not required for kids, resulting in high levels of obesity among children. One out of every three American children is obese, which is a matter of great concern. 


To tackle the issue, both the restaurants and the families need to come up with innovative, healthful children’s options. Parents need to be educated about the benefits of healthy eating for their children. Besides, the parents must set an example for their kids by eating healthy themselves and regular exercising. When you take your children out, do not ask them to choose items from the kids’ menu; instead give them healthy choices. A pot of vegetable chilly prepared at home is nutritious and tasty and can appeal to your children. 


The Washington-based CSPI regularly issues reports to the food industry to call out unhealthy food items. Restaurants have started realizing the importance of healthful meals and are joining the bandwagon of nutritious children’s menus. The food chains need to add more grilled items and other nutritional improvements at the same price points. They must eliminate sugar-sweetened beverages and fried foods from their menus for kids. 


Twenty years ago people used to eat out less; special occasions were reserved for eating out. However, in today’s fast-paced world, eating out has become rather a habit and people are spending more than 40% of their food budget on eating in restaurants. 


Next time you take your kids out, make sure to choose healthy meals for them.

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Most people are aware of the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, as per a new research, the higher the protein content in the breakfast, the better it is for those who are trying to lose weight. A study was conducted on 20 overweight females in the age group of 18 to 20 to determine which out of the two was more beneficial for an optimum healthy lifestyle – a high protein breakfast or a normal protein breakfast. The participants in the study had the habit of skipping breakfast, which is quite a common habit among 60% of young Americans. For six continuous days, the participants were given the following 350-calorie meals:


  1. A cereal-based breakfast with 13 grams of protein
  2. An egg and beef breakfast with 35 grams of protein
  3. No breakfast at all.


The participants were asked to fill a questionnaire everyday and their blood samples were collected for each day. They also went through MRIs before dinner so that their brain signals associated with food desires could be tracked. The following results were deduced:


1. Consuming breakfast instead of skipping it reduced the desire for food throughout the day.

2. Eating high-protein breakfast showed the best results. Consumption of high proteins in the morning resulted in longer feelings of fullness.

3. Also, the protein-heavy meals decreased the cravings for fatty and sugary foods of the participants at night.

4. A high-protein breakfast (Greek yogurt, egg-based waffles, beef sausage, tofu, sprouts, nuts, etc.), in addition, changed the brain signals that control food motivation and reward-driven eating habits.


From the above results, it can be concluded that a high-protein breakfast is an effective strategy to prevent overeating and to improve the overall diet quality by replacing unhealthy snacks with high-quality breakfast foods.


If you still haven’t started eating breakfast, it’s high time to start enjoying the most important meal of the day for your best health.

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