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Yes, you read it right! If you are the one who dreads going to the gym and finds exercising boring, then this is for you. Now with just simple and sexy dance moves, you can shed off extra flab from your legs, stomach, arms, and other area. No matter what your shape, size, or age is, you can join scintillating dance fitness program called Zumba that is great not only for the body but also for the mind. Even if you have never danced before, you can easily learn Zumba moves by joining classes at the Metropolis Fitness Club in Miami.



What is Zumba? 


Zumba is one of the world’s fastest growing Latin-American dance fitness programs that blend red-hot international music and awe-inspiring movements to form a fitness-party that is simply irresistible. With dance and aerobic elements fused into it, Zumba has become a rage all over the United States and other parts of the world.


Exercise with a Difference!


Striking elements of Zumba that makes it invigorating for just anyone are:


An exercise in disguise – Zumba is a great combination of interval training sessions and resistance training. Once you listen to Zumba tunes, you will forget you are exercising.


A complete package of joy and health – The explosive music beats create a dance like atmosphere and the high energy steps are perfect to sculpt your body.


A healthy addiction – Zumba is so easy and enjoyable that it will leave you gasping for more. Before you will notice it, a complete high-octane one-hour session will have already passed. The more you will practice, the better you will feel. 


An effective weight-loss program – Zumba is an aerobic workout that tones the entire body and helps to achieve any desired fitness goals. Tap your feet to Zumba moves and you are sure to lose 100’s of calories!


An excellent fusion of various dance forms – Zumba is a fine mix of international music dance themes including salsa, meringue, mambo, Punjabi bhangra, belly dancing, hip-hop, tango, cha-cha-cha, samba, flamenco, etc. that are exhilarating beyond belief.


So, have you started Zumba Classes yet? 


Click the link for : Zumba Classes

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Swiss Balls are one of the best methods for exercising your abdominal and core. More and more gyms are offering ball fitness exercises. Simply sitting, rolling or bouncing on that big inflatable Swiss ball can make you more fit.


Swiss ball, also known as stability ball, fitness ball, physio ball, etc. is an inexpensive piece of equipment that offers a total body workout. From children to adults, juniors to seniors, almost everyone can benefit from a Swiss ball. We also provide Swiss Ball Fitness Classes at our Personal Training Classes.



Why is Swiss ball so effective?


1. It works multiple muscles at a time to bring your body to a perfect balance.

2. Without increasing your exercise time, you can work harder than you do lying on a bench and move more muscles as compared with exercising on other equipment.

3. Most of the exercises work on the lower body. However, with a ball, you can concentrate on your core and improve your posture, balance, and core strength.

4. A Swiss ball works your legs, arms, chest, back, abdominal  It also allows you to have a Cardio workout by doing such moves as sitting jumping jacks.

5. With a ball, you can also get that sought-after six-pack!


Before you invest in a ball, you must consult a fitness trainer for the right size and firmness. The harder the ball, the more difficult it will be to workout. Therefore, for beginners, it is advisable to choose a softer ball. Also, the right size of ball depends on your height. So, always refer a Fitness Center for the guidelines for using a ball for best results.



Few exercises that you can perform with a Swiss ball:


Oblique Twist – Lie down with the ball under your back. Hold your head with both your hands for support. Now, slowly raise up lifting your shoulders blades off the ball and rotate left shoulder towards right hip and vice-versa. Elbows should be on your side. 


Chest Fly – Support your head and shoulders on the ball; bend your legs with heels two feet from ball. Extend arms over your head with, palms facing away from you. Separate arms in circular motion slowly and bend your elbows slightly; rotate your palms to face each other. Come back to the starting position and repeat.

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If you are one of those who thinks that walking is not an exercise you are mistaken. It has been proved that walking is a healthy exercise and helps to lose weight too. Many people think that only high impact exercises can help one shed off calories. Luckily, this is not true. Walking is a great exercise that boosts overall cardiovascular fitness, decreases the risk of cancer and heart disease, reduces cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, helps alleviate lower back pain, and reduces the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis. Walking also helps to de-stress and remove depression.



Besides all the above, regular walking habit also stimulates creativity and induces problem-solving skills.When you walk, you get an opportunity to walk outdoors, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the changing seasons. It’s easy, cheap, and safe. 


Important walking tips:


1. If you don’t have enough time, you can break your walking into smaller chunks… you can walk for 30 minutes twice a day instead of an hour at a stretch.

2. It is advisable to wear reflective clothing at night. Also, if there is no sidewalk, always walk facing the traffic.

3. Try to include hills into your walking route – this will raise your metabolism level.

4. Alternate between walking and speed walking. This gives you more from your workout. 

5. If you are walking alone, listen to music or an audio book. But be careful to limit the volume so that you can hear what is going on around you.

6. Try to walk with a partner. This will keep you motivated.

7. Take alternate routes to avoid getting bored.

8. Swing your arms more to burn more energy. 

9. Prior to walking, indulge in push-ips, sit ups, weight training, etc. to build muscles and strength.

10. Keep track of your time, distance covered and calories burned for motivation.


How to walk:

Start out slow, at your own pace. Push off from your back foot. Walk heel to toe. Keep your arms close to your body and bent at almost 90 degrees angle. Keep your head high, shoulders relaxed, chest out and eyes straight ahead. Concentrate on breathing evenly and swinging your arms naturally.


For hiring Professional Fitness Trainer in Miami, click here : Personal Trainer Miami


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More than any other time in our history, the present age is full of hi-tech activities that involve less muscular movements. Sitting in-front of the TV, working on computers, playing video and electronic games, etc. have become a part and parcel of everyone’s life, be it youngsters, adults, oldies, or kids. With so many attractive, muscle-relaxing chores to perform, the reason and the willingness to exercise is slowing down. In this age and time, children in the age-groups of 6 to 17 have been found to be the most inactive and score extremely low in strength and flexibility endurance.



The ‘fast-paced’, ‘fast-food age’ world has brought us many comforts, but in turn has deteriorated our health and peace of mind. Anybody who wants to match his/her pace with the world must keep fit and healthy. The best age to start is from early childhood. Children should be taught to exercise and motivated to take part in daily physical activities. They should be made to learn that fitness is fun. Under five should be encouraged to do light activities like walking, outdoor activities, swimming, Zumba, Spinning, Jump Rope etc. Children between the age 5 and 10 can do light aerobic exercises to strengthen their muscles and bones. From 10 to 18 years, they can indulge in vigorous intensity activities also that makes them work hard enough to raise their heart rate and break a sweat.


Visit: Kids Classes Miami


Needless to say, children learn best from adults. So, practice before you preach your children. If your children will see you exercising, they are more likely to do the same and make it a habit. Encourage your children to take part in activities they enjoy. Many children love running around a park and playing in a playground. If your child enjoys team sports such as football, basketball, volley, etc., get them enrolled in team sports and ensure a healthy future for your children. If your child does not like team activities, you can try out dance, martial arts, etc.


Exercise together with your family and increase the overall fitness of your family. Enjoy outdoor activities during your vacations also and live a healthy, happier life. 

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As more and more people are getting health conscious, the popularity of soy foods is increasing and is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. Several studies and researches show that soy products are an excellent source of high quality protein and help to lower cholesterol and reduce menopausal symptoms and also decrease the risk of certain types of cancer like breast and prostate. Soy proteins are far more beneficial than animal proteins because they contain less fat and cholesterol as compared with animal products.

For those who want to include soy products in their diet, the good news is that there are plenty of options available in the market to choose from. You no more need to figure out how to make tofu palatable to your family because they will be eating foods they already like with the addition of healthy soyin those foods. Here are some of the products by popular soy foods companies:

• Soy protein pancake mix

• Soy protein muffin

• Buttermilk pancake mix

• Blueberry pancake mix

• Bold banana walnut muffin

• Bountiful blueberry muffin

• Brilliant bran muffin

You can include these to any brunch menu or have them any time of the day. 

Another healthy habit is to go for soy protein pasta. Soy pasta is nutritious and delicious and will provide you anywhere between 70 and 90 percent more protein and up to 20% fewer carbohydrates than regular pastas. This way, you will have a better balance of protein to carbohydrates, thereby boosting your metabolism and providing you consistent energy. There are a number of pastas available that have an addition of soy. Next time you go pasta shopping, make sure to buy soy pasta.

You must not only include soy in your own cooking, but also spread the word to your loved ones by gifting them assorted soy pastas, muffins, pancake mixes, etc. The goodness of soy comes attractively packed in various variants including soy nuts, soy bites bread stick snacks, soy protein muffin mix, soy protein macroni and cheese, etc. Your friends, family, business associates and anyone to whom to gift these products will surely love you for being considerate about their health and will enjoy good and healthy eating.

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