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Bring Home Soy : Health Benefits of Soy

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Metropolis Fitness
Metropolis fitness and Spa are passionate about health and fitness for all.
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on Tuesday, 05 March 2013 in Fitness Updates

As more and more people are getting health conscious, the popularity of soy foods is increasing and is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years. Several studies and researches show that soy products are an excellent source of high quality protein and help to lower cholesterol and reduce menopausal symptoms and also decrease the risk of certain types of cancer like breast and prostate. Soy proteins are far more beneficial than animal proteins because they contain less fat and cholesterol as compared with animal products.

For those who want to include soy products in their diet, the good news is that there are plenty of options available in the market to choose from. You no more need to figure out how to make tofu palatable to your family because they will be eating foods they already like with the addition of healthy soyin those foods. Here are some of the products by popular soy foods companies:

• Soy protein pancake mix

• Soy protein muffin

• Buttermilk pancake mix

• Blueberry pancake mix

• Bold banana walnut muffin

• Bountiful blueberry muffin

• Brilliant bran muffin

You can include these to any brunch menu or have them any time of the day. 

Another healthy habit is to go for soy protein pasta. Soy pasta is nutritious and delicious and will provide you anywhere between 70 and 90 percent more protein and up to 20% fewer carbohydrates than regular pastas. This way, you will have a better balance of protein to carbohydrates, thereby boosting your metabolism and providing you consistent energy. There are a number of pastas available that have an addition of soy. Next time you go pasta shopping, make sure to buy soy pasta.

You must not only include soy in your own cooking, but also spread the word to your loved ones by gifting them assorted soy pastas, muffins, pancake mixes, etc. The goodness of soy comes attractively packed in various variants including soy nuts, soy bites bread stick snacks, soy protein muffin mix, soy protein macroni and cheese, etc. Your friends, family, business associates and anyone to whom to gift these products will surely love you for being considerate about their health and will enjoy good and healthy eating.

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Metropolis fitness and Spa are passionate about health and fitness for all.


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