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When working out or doing a specific set of exercises causes you pain, don’t ignore it. Knowing how to react can avoid serious injuries that may occur as a result of strength training.



• Muscle soreness is one of the most common injuries that are experienced when a new exercise is tried or any exercise is done after a long time period. Muscles that are not used for a while tend to become sore and it is absolutely normal to feel a dull ache of soreness in the muscles that were trained. Pain is caused due to tearing of microscopic fibers of the connective tissues in the body. You may panic because of the microtrauma; however, it is muscles’ natural response when they first experience work. It is, therefore, important to take ample rest between specific workouts so that the tiny tears in your muscles can get time to rebuild them, thereby getting stronger, bigger and more firm.


• Pain during or after a workout: A small amount of pain during a workout is normal; repeated contractions while exercising cause lactic acid, proteins, hormones and other acids to build up in muscle tissue, causing pain even without injury. However, if this pain is sharp and continuous, or accompanied by a burning sensation, stop lifting and get it examined.


• Cramps occur commonly in endurance sports like cycling, running, swimming, etc., where a lot of fluid is lost through sweating and continuous movements. This is why it is essential to stay well-hydrated during exercises. The best way to stop cramps is to gently stretch the cramped muscles.


• Injury occurs mostly as a result of carelessness, especially in weight-lifting. While lifting weights, you need to be in full control of your body and the weights that you lift. Trying to lift too heavy a weight, not warming up, using jerky movements, dropping weights, not stretching after workout can result in injury.


If at any time you have inflammation or swelling, R.I.C.E method can bring a lot of respite and help in reducing damage and speed up healing.


1. Rest: Always take some rest in case of soreness, cramps, pain or when you are hurt.

2. Ice: Ice wrapped in a towel can help in easing off acute injuries. Hold the ice wrap for 10 to 20 minutes against the injury 3 to 4 times a day.

3. Compress: Cover the injured area in a snug, elastic bandage, not tight.

4. Elevate: Raise the injured limb by resting it on a pillow to reduce swelling.

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Being physically active need not be a challenge for you if you are constantly on the go with household chores and other activities of your daily routine. We bring you some easy tips that you can incorporate in your life to make the most out of it.



• Set a fixed time for physical activity and follow it religiously. You will feel more active if you do it at the same time and on the same days each week. 

• If you cannot work out for continuous 40 minutes, you can split your activity throughout the day. You can concentrate on one/more types of exercise and finish it off in 10 minutes or more. These 10 minutes workouts can be performed 4-5 times in a day at different intervals. However, ensure that you do not start exercising immediately after taking heavy meals. Consult your fitness trainer to avoid any mistakes. 

• You can walk your children to and from school. This can prove to be a great physical activity and would give you extra time to spend with your children.


• Indulge in activities with your children – swim with them, play with them in the garden or park. Watch an exercising video together with your kids and inculcate the habit of exercising in your kids too.


• In the morning, you can go for a jog together with your family. This will increase the bonding with your family and make you feel active throughout the day.


• Set up a buggy group with other mums and go for long walks with your children.


• Cycle to nearby places. Go for grocery shopping, take your kids along too.


These are some of the tips that you can include in your daily routine. You can think of many more options. Do you have any interesting ways to share with us?


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Do you have the ideal weight? You may feel that your weight is within acceptable limits according to your height and age, but this may no longer be true anymore. As per a recent discovery, it is the components of cholesterol (LDL, HDL, the size of those cholesterol particles, and triglycerides) that are determine the ideal weight and are much more predictive of heart health. It is not your total weight that matters the most; it is the characteristics of that weight that are more important. It is essential to know how much of fat you have and where all it is deposited in your body. It is no more about the right BMI (body mass index), but about the NWO (normal weight obesity) that you should be bothered for. If you have fat accumulation around your belly and around internal organs, you may be at a greater risk of heart diseases and damages to the blood vessels and tissues. 



Follow the below steps to find out if you have normal weight obesity. 


1. Don’t get preoccupied with pounds. Your total weight is a general assessment of your health. Many a times, it can be misleading to just go with your BMI range. So, keep in mind your cholesterol levels too.


2. Get your body fat measured. You can get your fat measured by a variety of non-invasive methods. A fat amount of more than 30 % in women and 20% in men is considered as NWO. You can go in for a quick estimate by wrapping a cloth measuring tape around your naked waist just above your belly button. If your waist is more than 35 inches (40+ inches for men), you may have NWO.


3. Get your blood tested. If you have low HDL and high triglycerides, blood sugar and blood pressure, it may be warning signs for NWO.


4. Target belly fat. If you have NWO, it’s time to reduce visceral fat. Indulge in exercises and consume a healthy diet.


5. Keep a regular track of your fat. Just like you keep tabs on your weight, it’s now time to do the same with your fat. Have it measured at regular intervals and take steps to reduce it if you are diagnosed with NWO.


Feeling healthy and being fat are no longer mutually exclusive. Visit Metropolis Fitness and Spa in Miami for more health and fitness benefits ” Gyms Miami


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When you start aging and reach your middle age, you are most likely to notice that you won’t always have the same energy to work as you used to have when you were younger. You may get tired easily, find it harder to stand up after sitting on the floor for some time or may even start experiencing occasional aches in joints. However, all this doesn’t mean at all that you should also start aging biologically with your chronological age. 


According to many researches, it has been proved that indulging in moderate to strenuous cardiovascular exercises can delay biological aging by almost 12 years or even more, depending on your overall health and fitness level. This means that when you reach 50, you can feel like you are in your 30’s. Now, isn’t that a great reason for exercising. If you are still not convinced, read on further to know some real facts.


Researchers have also proven that relatively high-intensity workouts performed regularly boost up aerobic power by 25 percent that equals 10 to 12 biological years. The good news is that if you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle all your previous years, you can still start an aerobic exercise program and reverse the biological effects of aging that have already taken place. 


Hit Metropolis Fitness Club at the earliest to reap double benefits for your efforts. Fitness / Personal trainers Miami at Metropolis are highly experienced to take care of your individual needs and make you look your best. 



The take away is that you need to challenge your heart and lungs to increase your aerobic capacity. Just like lifting heavier weights makes you stronger, pushing yourself during a Cardio workout improves your lung capacity. If you hate pushing yourself and this is a major reason of ditching exercise altogether, you can take a sigh of relief because you do not need to push yourself hard throughout the hour long Cardio session – after doing activities in which you push yourself hard, you are allowed to enjoy a period of rest. 


Metropolis fitness trainers practice, interval training and a variety of group fitness sessions that incorporate this hard-easy-hard sequence, thus making your aerobic capacity higher.



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