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If you want to put fatigue to rest for good, re-energizing your dead batteries can prove to be extremely beneficial.

A little effort and a positive attitude on your part can perk you up in a flash. To discover a new you and to give yourself a new, active life, follow these simple energizing tips.



1. Eat Properly and Healthy: Having balanced, nutritious meals are undoubtedly the number one in the battle against fatigue. It is rightly said that you are what you eat. If you eat healthy, you are bound to stay healthy. Taking good care of what we eat also increases our life span.

With each meal, ensure that you take high-protein foods, such as meat, cheese, eggs and whole-grain breads. Make a habit to munch on fruits in between meals when you need a snack. Avoid too much caffeine. Remember to drink enough water and keep yourself well hydrated at all times.

You may want to try perking yourself up with a high potency vitamin B complex, 50 mg. Cayenne pepper is another natural stimulant. You can mix a teaspoon in hot water or take it in capsule form.


2. Take Proper Rest: Sleeping for at least 6 hours every night is extremely essential to recharge yourself every morning. If you are not getting enough sleep at night, take a break and nap during the day. If you are a late night party goer or have the habit of working at night or staying awake for any other reason, ensure to compensate your sleep hours during day time.


3. Keep in Shape with Exercise: A good daily walk is just the right step in getting those tired muscles moving. In addition, exercising at least 5 times a week has tremendous benefits; exercising eliminates the chances of many diseases and improves the body’s metabolism.


4. Meditate: Any form of meditation is a great natural healer. Just sit quietly, breathe deeply, and let go off the stress, daily hassles and negative thinking. Dwell in positivity and think of pleasant things.


Pamper yourself by including the above tips in your daily routine and you will discover a new you very soon. Besides doing the above, keeping a positive mental attitude goes a long way in fighting fatigue. So, get going today!

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