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You have always been aware of the fact that drinking water is good for health and that you must drink plenty of water. But do you know how much exactly should you drink? Many people are not sure of the quantity they must consume daily.

Generally, no person is 100 percent hydrated at all times. Whenever you are exercising and are in a warm climate, you tend to dehydrate. For instance, you have been jogging for 20 minutes and you feel tires, hot and sweaty. This is a sign of dehydration; during exercises, you should drink some water to keep up the energy level and to keep yourself hydrated.Dehydration also occurs in cold weather through perspiration and respiration. While your body may need a little less water during the cold weather than during hot weather, you must drink even if you are not thirsty in cold temperatures.


Signs of Dehydration:

Early signs of heat stress and dehydration:


-light headedness

-appetite loss

-dark urine with a strong odor

-flushed skin

-heat intolerance


Severe signs:

-difficulty swallowing

-sunken eyes and dim vision


-painful urination


-numb skin

-shriveled skin


-muscle spasms


Here are a few guidelines to stay hydrated before, after and during exercising.

• Before exercise: Drink 1 to 2 cups of water two hours before exercising. Drink another one-half to one cup immediately before exercising.

• During exercise: Every 15 minutes of strenuous work-out, drink one-half to one cup of water. You may find it tough to drink water during exercises; but once you develop a habit, you will adapt to it quickly. During exercising, the fuller your stomach is, the faster it will empty itself.

• After exercise: After exercising, you should replace any fluid that you lost. Drink 2 cups of water for every pound of body weight you lose while exercising.

The body’s thirst mechanism is not as powerful as the eating mechanism; your body may need water even if you are not feeling thirsty. So, drink water at regular intervals, ideally, every hour when you are awake.

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