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Walking as a fitness activity is growing popular among people of all age groups. Low risk and easy to start, walking has proved its health benefits in numerous studies. As per studies, people who walk 30 minutes a day have a significantly lower risk of premature death than those who rarely exercise.

A regular walking program can help:

• Lower blood cholesterol

• Decrease blood pressure

• Boost up cardiovascular endurance

• Strengthen bones 

• Burn calories and keep weight down

An exercise like walking is one of the simplest things to start. All you need are comfortable clothes and a pair of shoes designed for walking. 

Before you start off, begin with brief warm-up session and a few simple stretches to loosen up any tension that you may have built up. Because walking primarily works the major muscles of the legs, stretch your back, shoulders and arms to get the blood flowing to the muscles in all parts of the body. This will make your walk more effective and more enjoyable too. 



For Beginners

If you are a first-timer or are starting to walk after a long break, keep in mind the following:

1. Walk short distances and gradually increase your distance. Begin with a five-minute stroll the first day, adding a few minutes daily.

2. Walk at a comfortable pace without worrying about the speed. Focus on good posture, keeping your head lifted and shoulders relaxed.

3. Swing your arms naturally, and breathe deeply. If you can’t catch your breath, slow down your pace. Avoid hills in the first few weeks of your walking schedule.

4. Make sure you can talk while walking. If you can’t, you are walking too fast.


Get Going!

When it comes to walking, there is no best schedule. There are numerous options that you can try. The main aim is to keep walking regularly. Once you reach a point where you can walk a few miles with relative ease, start to vary the intensity. Try walking uphill. This helps in increasing cardiovascular endurance in addition to toning the legs. Gradually lengthen your stride and increase your speed. To prevent sore muscles, include a few minutes relaxing stretches after each workout. Energize your workout by listening to lively music. Although there are no hard and fast rules for walking, a minimum of 20 minutes a day is recommended. If you cannot walk for 20 minutes at a stretch, you can take two 10-minute walks each day or even hour-long walks two to three times a week. 

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Health of kids is important more than ever. As fast food is becoming more and more popular among kids, the health of the kids is at risk and it has become very challenging to raise health conscious kids. Besides inculcating good values in your children, it is also very important to make them realize the benefits of a good health. We bring you some tips to measure your children’s health goals.



Introduce a variety of sports: Teaching sports skills at an early age can win more than half the battle. Identify the sports that your child enjoys and make it a point to involve your child actively in at least 2 sports in a week. Sports are a good cardio workout for children and will go a long way in improving their health.

Imbibe the value of good health and persistence: When it comes to children, there is no better example to teach than “follow the leader”. To see a change in your children, you need to set an example for them that include a healthy lifestyle consisting of mindful eating habits and a good exercise routine. There are greater chances of children following you than simply teaching them without your practising anything.

Explore to improve creativity: Instead of spoon feeding your children, allow them to use their brains and experiment with their individuality. You can start with simple drawing, painting, craft, storytelling activities, etc. and watch your children explore and improve their creative minds.

Right food: Feed your children with adequate amount of nutrients consisting of protein, calcium, and vitamins. Give them plenty of water, fiber, minerals, carbs, etc. Develop a habit of eating fruits and vegetables. Teach them the importance of good eating habits and the correct way of leading a healthy life.

Eat smart as a family: Good eating habits should apply to the entire family. Besides healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, teach your kids healthy snacking options that include fresh fruits, whole grains, nuts, yoghurt, etc. Do not punish your children if they eat or want to have sinful foods. Educate them about the harmful effects of calorie-rich foods. You may allow them to binge once in a while so that they don’t secretly start eating and enjoying fast food.

As a parent, do you face any challenges with your children’s eating habits? Share your suggestions/problems with us and we are sure to provide you effective solutions.


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If you ever skipped regularly, you must have surely experienced a toned body and burning more calories than you expected. As per a research, skipping burns more than 10 calories a minute and tones up each inch of your body.



To start skipping, all you need is a jumping rope and a stop watch. Choose a rope according to your height. For those who are between 5 foot 2 inches to 5 foot 7 inches, should choose an 8-foot long rope. Less than 5 feet 2 inches should choose a 7-foot long rope. Between 5 foot 7 inches and 6 foot – a 9-foot rope and more than 6 foot, a 10-foot long rope.


Some do’s and don’ts of skipping


• Step on the center with both feet. Extend the handles up to your armpits. The rope should skim the floor while skipping. 


• Keep your arms bent with elbows at waist level, close to the body, at all times. Move your wrists in small circles and jump one-inch off the ground. Do not swing in wide circles.Keep your eyes focused forward; do not look down. Jump one inch high, not much – just enough to let the rope pass under your feet. Land on the balls of your feet. Keep knees soft and relaxed.


• To avoid ankle joints injury and unneeded impact on knee, do not hop that extra bit between jumps, which many people do. Doing this also spoils the rhythm. Instead, spin the rope faster so that you jump only once per turn (80 turns per minute ideally).


• Although skipping is half the impact of jogging, you must wear cross-trainers with extra ankle support and padding at the ball of the foot to avoid injury and for shock absorption. The best surfaces to jump are non-shag carpets, packed dirt, grass, thin mats or sprung floors (like basketball courts).


In the next article, we will bring you a skipping routine that you won’t be able to skip. Enjoy reading!

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