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How to Deal with Winter Blues

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Metropolis Fitness
Metropolis fitness and Spa are passionate about health and fitness for all.
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on Thursday, 26 September 2013 in Fitness Updates

Did you know that for many people, the winter season and fewer hours of light can bring about a mild depression called winter blues? According to estimates, 25% of the U.S. population, especially from the northern states suffers from winter blues. Winter blues is a result of lack of light that decreases the production of chemicals in the body controlling mood, hunger and sleep.

As the winter is round the corner, you may be experiencing symptoms of winter blues. Although there’s nothing serious about winter blues and it is also not as severe as depression, you need to be aware of it if you are suffering and should know the ways to deal with it because winter blues has the potential to change your thought patterns and the way you react to different challenges in your life.

Common symptoms (may vary from person to person) include fatigue low concentration at work or home, apathy, guilt feelings, low interest in social activities and/or hobbies, increase/decrease in appetite, difficulty in sleeping, craving of carbohydrates, etc.


6 Ways to Combat Winter Blues

Accept More Natural Light – Light plays an important role on our health and one of the main reasons of winter blues is less exposure to natural light. So, increase your time outdoors.

Stay Active – Exercise is a great way to release chemicals into your body that elevate your mood. If you cannot exercise outdoors, do indulge in indoor activities.

Eat Well and Healthy – Eating habits are one of the most important indicators of health. Try to eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Herbal teas in winter are also great to warm up your body.

Take Adequate Sleep – To reduce feelings of depression, try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily.

Stay Connected with Family and Friends –Social support can rev up your mood. So, on and off, attend social gatherings, arrange for parties and go for a vacation with family/friends to build resilience.

Think Positive – Your thoughts can influence your mood to a large extent. When you notice yourself surrounded by negative thoughts, change your perspective and see how much difference it can make to your attitude.

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Metropolis Fitness

Metropolis fitness and Spa are passionate about health and fitness for all.


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