How to Quench Thirst Fast

Water – The Best Thirst Quencher

Humans cannot live without water just like a bleached dolphin. That is because two-thirds of our bodies and 78% of our brains are made of water.

Few people are aware of the fact that many people suffer from chronic dehydration; almost 75% of Americans don’t drink enough water. This is the main cause of daytime fatigue. Even if you have 2% less water in your body, you can experience short-term memory and find it difficult to concentrate. The optimal water required for a human body can be determined by dividing your actual body weight by half. This number, in ounces, is the amount of water that you would require to keep your body replenished at all times during a day. For instance, if you weigh 200 pounds, your daily water goal would be 100 pounds, i.e. 12 8-ounce cups.

Once you intake enough water required by your body, you will notice a sea-change in your energy level and physical and mental well-being. You will also be able to concentrate better and if you are overweight, you can lose a few calories too. If you drink water before your meals, you can decrease your hunger pangs by about 30%. According to a research, being fully hydrated gives relief from joint pains and eases back pain for up to 80%.

You can increase the taste of water by adding some citrus or orange to it. Whether you like drinking hot water or cold water, by adding lemon/citrus, you can boost your intake with no extra calories added. Instead of quenching your thirst with sweetened sports drink and artificial fruit juices, try citrus water without sugar and watch your health and energy level rise.

How much water do you drink in a day? Do you know the actual amount of water that you should be consuming daily?

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