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When working out or doing a specific set of exercises causes you pain, don’t ignore it. Knowing how to react can avoid serious injuries that may occur as a result of strength training.



• Muscle soreness is one of the most common injuries that are experienced when a new exercise is tried or any exercise is done after a long time period. Muscles that are not used for a while tend to become sore and it is absolutely normal to feel a dull ache of soreness in the muscles that were trained. Pain is caused due to tearing of microscopic fibers of the connective tissues in the body. You may panic because of the microtrauma; however, it is muscles’ natural response when they first experience work. It is, therefore, important to take ample rest between specific workouts so that the tiny tears in your muscles can get time to rebuild them, thereby getting stronger, bigger and more firm.


• Pain during or after a workout: A small amount of pain during a workout is normal; repeated contractions while exercising cause lactic acid, proteins, hormones and other acids to build up in muscle tissue, causing pain even without injury. However, if this pain is sharp and continuous, or accompanied by a burning sensation, stop lifting and get it examined.


• Cramps occur commonly in endurance sports like cycling, running, swimming, etc., where a lot of fluid is lost through sweating and continuous movements. This is why it is essential to stay well-hydrated during exercises. The best way to stop cramps is to gently stretch the cramped muscles.


• Injury occurs mostly as a result of carelessness, especially in weight-lifting. While lifting weights, you need to be in full control of your body and the weights that you lift. Trying to lift too heavy a weight, not warming up, using jerky movements, dropping weights, not stretching after workout can result in injury.


If at any time you have inflammation or swelling, R.I.C.E method can bring a lot of respite and help in reducing damage and speed up healing.


1. Rest: Always take some rest in case of soreness, cramps, pain or when you are hurt.

2. Ice: Ice wrapped in a towel can help in easing off acute injuries. Hold the ice wrap for 10 to 20 minutes against the injury 3 to 4 times a day.

3. Compress: Cover the injured area in a snug, elastic bandage, not tight.

4. Elevate: Raise the injured limb by resting it on a pillow to reduce swelling.

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Here is a list of more foods that can help you in burning fat.


Whole grains: Processed foods do not require much calories to break them down. However, whole foods like brown rice, oatmeal, whole grains, etc. need twice as many calories to break them down than their processed counterparts. 

Lean meats: Lean meats are high in protein. Protein has a high thermogenic effect. Therefore, you burn about 30% of the calories when you consume a 300-calorie lean meat meal like chicken breast.

Low-fat dairy products: Low-fat dairy is rich in calcium and vitamin D both of which help to preserve and build muscle mass. You can have a robust metabolism with low-fat curd, cheese, milk and other diary products.



Green tea: Consuming up to 4 cups of green tea daily can help to shed more than six pounds in two months. Green tea is known to speed up the metabolism rate. You can also keep some ice tea in your fridge and sip it before or an hour after meals if you at times you do not want to drink warm green tea.

Lentils: Lentils are packed with iron. If you have a deficiency of iron, lentils can prove to be the best for you. If you lack a nutrient, your metabolism would slow down because the body doesn’t get enough of what it needs. One cup of lentils alone satisfy 35% of your daily iron needs.

Hot peppers: If you love hot food, there’s a good news for you. Capsaicin, a compound in chilli peppers heats up the body that in turn melt additional calories. You can eat hot peppers in any way – either raw, cooked, dried or powdered. Add them to soups, eggs, meats and other meals and enjoy hot dishes.

Green vegetables: Green vegetables are good any day as they have plenty of free radicals that are needed to improve recovery for better muscle building.

Almonds, walnuts, etc.: Nuts are good to prevent food cravings and improve satiety. So add some almonds and walnuts to your cornflakes or oats; these will help to build muscles.

Peanut Butter: Peanut butter is an excellent food to burn fat. It is also known to boost testosterone (good even for women).

Soy and Canola Oil: Both these oils are not easily stores as fat and promote fullness. 


Healthy eating!


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Do you feel that it’s difficult to keep fit with your busy office schedule? Do you struggle to find time for fitness? Here are some easy tips that you can incorporate in your office hours and be on the go.



Cycling and walking are excellent exercises that work on the whole body. If your office is not in another city, you can cycle or walk to work. If you take the bus, get off a few miles before your destination and walk some distance to burn calories.If you drive to work, park your car further away from your office and walk the rest of the way.


• While discussing project ideas, you can walk with your colleague. If you are not using the computer and thinking of ideas, you can walk and think. This way you can kill two birds with one stone – you will stay active and fresh ideas will come to your mind. Rather than calling your colleagues on phone to discuss things, walk over to their desks.


• Always try to climb the stairs instead of taking the lift. You can also take lift and walk half way if the stories are too much.


• Stand and take your calls.


• Go for a walk during your lunch break but not immediately after having lunch. Give a gap of 10 minutes.


• If your office has a gym, exercise before or after work. Find a partner to keep up your motivation high.


Younger people should try new ways to keep themselves active. Indulging in your favourite sports is a great way to keep fit and pursue your hobby at the same time. Get your mates involved; exercise and play in groups and have fun. Help your parents in some household chores. Instead of sitting and listening to music, dance along with it. Buy exercise CDs and buddy up with a friend to use it at your place or your friend’s. 


Staying fit is not difficult. If you have the passion for it, you can find a plethora of ways besides the ones mentioned above and enjoy a healthy life.

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Being physically active need not be a challenge for you if you are constantly on the go with household chores and other activities of your daily routine. We bring you some easy tips that you can incorporate in your life to make the most out of it.



• Set a fixed time for physical activity and follow it religiously. You will feel more active if you do it at the same time and on the same days each week. 

• If you cannot work out for continuous 40 minutes, you can split your activity throughout the day. You can concentrate on one/more types of exercise and finish it off in 10 minutes or more. These 10 minutes workouts can be performed 4-5 times in a day at different intervals. However, ensure that you do not start exercising immediately after taking heavy meals. Consult your fitness trainer to avoid any mistakes. 

• You can walk your children to and from school. This can prove to be a great physical activity and would give you extra time to spend with your children.


• Indulge in activities with your children – swim with them, play with them in the garden or park. Watch an exercising video together with your kids and inculcate the habit of exercising in your kids too.


• In the morning, you can go for a jog together with your family. This will increase the bonding with your family and make you feel active throughout the day.


• Set up a buggy group with other mums and go for long walks with your children.


• Cycle to nearby places. Go for grocery shopping, take your kids along too.


These are some of the tips that you can include in your daily routine. You can think of many more options. Do you have any interesting ways to share with us?


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Here are few skipping sets that you can practice for 2 minutes, every alternate day. Perform these in the order given and you will be on your way to losing calories faster. 


1. Heel kick – Place your feet wider than the hip-width. Fold rope in quarters and grip each end with one hand. Raise your arms overhead, elbows aligned with ears. Squat in such a way so that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Spring up, bring arms toward thighs. When in air, click heels together. Repeat 8 to 10 reps – 2 minutes. Jump rope for 2 minutes. Works on legs, shoulders and butt.


2. Power twist – Lunge with your right foot forward. Fold rope in quarters and hold one end in each hand with arms raised to chest level. Twist torso to right, hold for 1-second and twist back to center. Perform 8 to 10 twists to right and then to left. Do skipping for 2 minutes. Works on legs, abs and butt.


3. Leap frog – Squat with thighs parallel to ground and hold rope in front of knees. Straighten legs to spring up and curl rope toward chest. Land in squat position. Do 8 to 10 reps. Do 2 minutes skipping. Works on legs, shoulders, arms and butt.


4. Pick-up lunge – Fold the rope, keep it on ground, just outside of the right foot. Stand straight with feet hip-width apart. Lift your left leg behind you and balance on your right foot with knees bent and left hand on the hip. Bend the right knee and lean over. Pick up the rope with your right hand and return to the start position. Place rope on the same position and complete 8 to 10 reps. Switch sides and repeat the same procedure. Do skipping for 2 minutes. Works on legs, abs and butt. 


5. Double hop – Stretch rope straight on ground and stand alongside on one edge with feet together and elbows bent side-wards. Bend knees a little and hop forward and diagonally to other side of the rope. Land softly on your feet balls and jump forward to the other side. Continue this till the end of the rope. Then turn around and complete the same rep by repeating hops back to the start point. Do 8 to 10 reps. Jump rope for 2 minutes. This works on legs and butt. Miami Peoples Can visit Metropolis Fitness Gym for Jump Rope Kids Classes



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